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This website was born as a hobby. The intent was to determine whether or not college is a worthwhile investment (Note: after I had completed college, but I wish I had had a tool like this). My findings were so interesting that I decided to create this website as a tool to help others analyze their prospective education investments.

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Since college requires an upfront investment (tuition, fees, room & board, etc.) with the expectation that the investment will provide long-term monthly/annual payouts (salary) it is fair to analyze it as any other financial investment - at least on its financial merits. Most importantly, one must take into account the opportunity cost and time value of money. Failure to do so is usually one of the most glaring problems when various interested parties state that a college degree-holder will make around $1 million more in their lifetime than a non-college graduate. It's true, but is not a valid comparison.

More knowledge is always valuable, and often free or very cheap. I taught myself how to build this website from the available tools of: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, SQL, Perl, and LaTeX. If you are interested in pursuing something similar, I recommend the following resources as something I personally found success with:

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